What is a sewage treatment plant?

A sewage treatment plant is a system that holds sewage in an input tank allowing water to overflow into a treatment plant where water is treated allowing clean water output at gravity feed or pumped into the water course, stream, ditch or drainage field.

What is the difference between a sewage treatment plant and a septic tank?

The difference between the sewage treatment plant and a septic tank is:

A sewage treatment plant treats all water flowing through the system.

A septic tank has foul water running off from the tank into the drainage field or soakaway causing increasing poor pollution to the ground and the environment.


Non air-blown vs an air-blown system

With a non air-blown and non electrical treatment plant like the Biorock system the wastewater purification process is completely biological using the same principles encountered in nature. Unique media are responsible for degrading the pollutants within the tank and purifying the wastewater before it is discharged. You can even use the resulting water for your irrigation. This is a great method of recycling your wastewater.

  1. Non-electrical system results in savings on your energy bills
  2. Low maintenance and long emptying periods for sludge (3 to 4 years)
  3. Silent running – no irritating blown air pump running 18 hours a day
  4. Mechanical system using air from the atmosphere only
  5. No electrical breakdowns
  6. All systems can withstand long periods of absence
  7. Superb clean water properties at output to any water course
Biorock Monoblock treatment plant

Non air-blown

Biorock sewage treatment plants are non electrical and non air-blown systems designed for residential properties, which are not connected to the mains sewage.

The ECOROCK sewage treatment plant is suitable for domestic households with 6 to 30 persons and the MONOBLOCK is suited to smaller properties.

These plants are well suited to rural properties where installing electrical cables to power the system can prove to be problematic and disruptive.

Learn more about the benefits of the Biorock treatment plants.

Air-blown systems

We install the following brands of air-blown sewage treatment plant systems:

  • Marsh
  • Graff
  • Klargester
  • Turley

These systems can be purchased and installed at a lower cost compared to the non air-blown Biorock system, and are therefore better suited to homeowners looking to replace a septic tank on a budget or because they need to comply with the updated wastewater regulations when selling their property.


Installation Case Studies

Case studies of BIOROCK sewage treatment plant installs for customers in Sussex & Kent

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